Design and Installation:

A well designed landscape can enhance the beauty of your home or business, increase property value, reduce erosion and pollutants, minimize heating and cooling costs, help provide a haven for wildlife, and create an outdoor setting for you to enjoy for years to come.

We offer two options to attain these goals:


The purpose of this process is to render an actual landscape design to the client for installation purposes.This includes:

A. Site Analysis and Interview with Client: Site inspection and inventory, verbal interview with client, measurements, site requirements, and sketches (usually about two hours).

B. Design Process: Color digital imaging or traditional blue-print style drawings of areas to be landscaped into a complete plan; compiling plant and material lists, notes and instructions for design implementation.

C. Presentation: Meet with clients to discuss and present final plan. Ensure customer satisfaction!


The purpose teaching session is to provide relevant information for the "Do it your selfer" who just needs a little guidance and tips to create there own dreamscape! This includes:

​A. TEACHING SESSION: Aspects of design and horticultural information will be passed on to the client(i.e.  planting, pruning, fertilizing, watering, and maintenance tips.) The client/gardener is responsible for taking notes.

B. INSTRUCTION / DETAIL SHEET: Sketches, instructions, and details may be drawn on-site to help the client prepare shopping lists for garden center/ green house trips.

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