Environmental Designs

The environment is on the minds of more and more Americans these days and our landscapes can play a significant role in environmental sustainability.

Edible Landscapes Enjoy the fruits of your labor without expanding your carbon footprint. Home-grown produce reduces emissions involved in shipping produce from across the country. And here in the rocky foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, one great way to enjoy your fruits and veggies is to construct raised beds filled with amended soil. 

Water Conservation Planting shade trees so that they protect homes and buildings from the heat of summer sun and evergreens to block the chilling winter winds can make a big impact on energy conservation and utility bills. 

Beyond Turf Planting wildflower meadows and copses of woodland trees, and installing hardscapes cuts down on mowing and maintenance. A balance landscape, one with grass and other plantings along hardscaped areas, offers the best of both worlds since lawns turn a lot of the worlds carbon dioxide into oxygen.